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For Immediate Release: January 20, 2004

"Anarchic Entertainment for the Nation"

WASHINGTON, DC - Secretary Randall M. Packer of the US Department of Art & Technology unveils the Experimental Party's "anarchic entertainment for the nation" to coincide with the launch of the 2004 presidential election campaign (www.experimentalparty.org). The site is a challenge to empower all Americans and a call-to-action to "forsake this menacing world and its reality by participating in a great political awakening that promises unfettered creativity."

"We've put a lot of time and thought into developing and launching this highly interactive, multimedia experience that gives people the tools to explore shifting paradigms, a journey into an alternate reality, a magic theater," said an enthusiastic Secretary Packer.

Among the site's highlights: avatar-candidate Abe Golam's pledge to "stir up controversy throughout the global computer networks, that place where democracy will be fought and won;" WeTheBlog.org founder Jeff Gates optimistically encourages all citizens "to view the world out-of-context in order to stay in touch with the pulse of the human condition;" Roberta Breitmore (National Chairwoman of the Experimental Party) vows to "provoke presumptions and constrain the rational;" and the Homeland Insecurity Advisory System, soon to be completed by Jonah Brucker-Cohen (US Ambassador to the Global Virtualization Council) promises to be a much needed surveillance system that will "broadcast the daily threat condition due to risk resulting from our government-in-action."

Citing the increasingly frightening tactics of the Bush administration to mount the greatest totalitarian challenge to open societies in the last 100 years, Packer said the Department's latest experiment in anarchic entertainment provides an alternative to the dangerous rhetoric we've all been hearing - instead, the Experimental Party encourages "a world without fear and with unfeigned pleasure, a visionary world inspired by the legacy of the avant-garde, for which we all yearn..."


The Experimental Party
"Anarchic Entertainment for the Nation"

The Experimental Party - the "party of experimentation" -  is an initiative that has been formed to activate citizens across the country in an effort to bring the artists' message to center stage of the political process. This is a political awakening, 'representation through virtualization' is the major political thrust of the Experimental Party, it is the driving force. The Principal Artists are Roberta Breitmore (created by Lynn Hershman), Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jeff Gates, Abe Golam (from Mark Amerika's Grammatron), Jon Henry, Andrew Nagy, Randall Packer, and Wesley Smith.

The US Department of Art & Technology

The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States principal conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real action. It also serves the psychological and spiritual well-being of all Americans by supporting cultural efforts that provide immunity from the extension of new media technologies into the social sphere.



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