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For Immediate Release: March 5, 2004

Secretary Packer Announces 'Artistic Freedom' at Texas A & M University

WASHINGTON, DC - After his recent declaration of 2004 as the 'Year of the Experimental,' Secretary Randall M. Packer will honor the nation's and the world's experimental artists for their role in safeguarding freedom at home and abroad during a residency at the Virtualization Laboratory of Texas A & M. During the week of March 8-12, 12:30 pm, the Secretary has declared 'Artistic Freedom' at the University with numerous acts of virtualization scheduled throughout the week.

At the invitation of the School of Architecture, the Secretary will spend the week in the heart of Texas marking the 50th anniversary of the situational experiments of the French avant-garde, who believed in the most urgent exercise of freedom through experimental patterns of behavior in urban environments - Architecture as a means of transforming life.

Packer will remind the students that a mental disease has swept the planet: banalisation. Everyone is hypnotized by production and conveniences. The Secretary will speak to the sacrifices of experimental artists and their quest for freedom and transformation, without whom millions would live at the mercy of everyday reality. "With artists active involvement in the world, the anachronistic learn to fear, and antiquarians are on the run," he said.

The Secretary added, "It has become essential to bring about a complete spiritual renewal by bringing to light forgotten desires and by carrying out an intensive propaganda in favor of these desires."

To be an artist, whether by birth or choice, is a high privilege according to Yauger Williams, Under Secretary of the Bureau for the Transformation of Reality. "As artists of this nation, we pledge our lives and honor to freedom's defense. The ideals of July 4th, 1776, still speak to all humanity through the voice of the artist. The revolution declared that day goes on. We will always believe that the most pertinent revolutionary experiments in culture will draw each citizen into activity by provoking his capacities to revolutionize his own life."


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