WASHINGTON, DC - On January 20, 2006 12:00 PM (EST/GMT +5 hours) Secretary-at-Large Randall M. Packer of the US Department of Art & Technology delivered the Eulogy for the Nation on the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of its death, following a private unveiling of America’s Grave at American University in Washington, DC.

The following is the transcript:

THE SECRETARY-AT-LARGE - We gather here in this dark hour of our grief. So many have suffered so great a loss, and today we express our sorrow on the 1st Anniversary of the Death of the Nation. We are here to pray for America, to bear witness to the passing of its spirit, which was always at risk, and now, to that which is missing: its dreams, aspirations, idealism. Extinguished… snuffed out.

On Tuesday, January 20, 2005, our country witnessed the Inauguration of Death, a deliberate and massive cruelty. We have seen the images of armored steel and glass, columns of militia, marksmen perched on high, the watchful eyes of police, eyes wide, filled with a dreadful fear… and the masses of adoring faces, secure in a fantasy of freedom, far from reality. Death has been set upon us by stealth and deceit, trickery preying on trickery, cruelty upon cruelty.

One year later, what lies before us are the memories, the ruins of men's beliefs. The list of casualties we are only beginning to fathom. They are the men and women who began their day in front of the television- hypnotized, transfixed. They are the innocent people who believed in the media. (who believed in truth!) Who, in their final moments called home to say, FOX News, it was fair and balanced. They are the victims that could not prevent the rampant spin of Bill O'Reilly, the oratorios of the Hour of Power, the horror of violence, the endless drone of dueling pundits, and the broken promises of anonymous sources… Oh Mercy Jesus, these are the men and women and children of the United States of America, who died believing in the iridescent glow and ghosted images of the hallowed voice of cable news, perverted and falsified until nothing remained but the descent into the final abyss.

They, who, deliberately exploited the passions of others, driven and scourged: the moms and dads, grandma and pop, little Johnny and Sis, the ones death found running up the stairs to escape the ads. We bear witness to their memory. We linger over them, learn of their stories, and many of us weep. To all the children and parents and spouses and families and cousins and their friends, we offer our deepest sympathy to a nation driven to its knees: anguished, wretched, heaving, dissolving: ashes to ashes, dust to dust, static to static.

Death has been set upon us by stealth and deceit, trickery preying on trickery, cruelty upon cruelty. Just one year ago I found myself crushed by reality. The impossible Bureaucracy I conceived turned against me, it caved in on itself… I called out to Them, "You, who would triumph over tyranny! You who control our Destiny! You who have bargained with the Devil! You who have visited the Darkness: Celebrate Death with all your appetites, your selfishness, and the Deadly Sins!...”

And so now, we are reminded of the NSA, the CIA and the FBI, watching over our nation, granting our souls permission to come and go. We pray for comfort and consolation as we walk through the valley of death in the shadow of surveillance. Yet, as we have been assured, neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, can separate Them from their fate - to enter into and succumb to the eternal fires and ashes and static. God bless the souls of those who brought us down, who will one day be judged by us…. we are waiting at the turning. For those who must enter into the Abyss From Which There is No Return, they will face the consequences of their actions: no disinformation, no illusion, no clandestine leaks to the Press.

May this comfort our own souls and guide our nation as we raise the veil of America's Grave on the specter of Poetic Justice: let us now begin our descent into A Season in Hell. God bless America. Amen.