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For Immediate Release: August 19, 2002



Washington, DC - At its Summer Meeting today the members of the Experimental Party National Committee named Roberta Breitmore the first National Chairwoman of the USA Exquisite Corpse of the Experimental Party.

In accepting the position, Ms. Breitmore told EP members, "As National Chairwoman, I vow to provoke presumptions and constrain the rational."

Lynn Hershman, longtime associate of the new appointed Chairwoman, stated, "Ms. Breitmore is a natural, her life experience has exquisitely groomed her for this position." Hershman serves as Under Secretary of the Bureau for the Protection & Immunization Against Mediation & Alienation of the US Department of Art & Technology.

The focus of the Summer Meeting was preparation for the 2004 election and Ms. Breitmore's remarks reflect a clear focus on the party's future. As an initiative of the Experimental Party, the USA Exquisite Corpse is well-positioned to build on the great promise of the artistic avant-garde by enabling Americans to participate directly - in their own communities - in creative acts of freedom of association and the transformational properties of the ceremonies of art. Ms. Breitmore's agenda, accomplishments and leadership, along with her commitment to activating the young and alienated, is focused on driving the Bush Men out of the White House by means of acts of artistic mediation, appropriation, manifesto and demonstration, love and politics.

The USA Exquisite Corpse, announced earlier this spring at the Thaw Festival of Media in Iowa City, Iowa, is a call-to-arms to think and act anew, to develop techniques of surprise and methodologies of the fantastic, to enliven the Experimental Party at the grassroots level with a purpose and a cause greater than our individual lives. The USA Exquisite Corpse is intended to take us in exciting new directions where we have not gone before, issuing oracular truths and the most radically liberating critique of reason. As the President leads us down the path of destruction with his obsessive death-wish for our nation and the world, we have the responsibility of transforming ourselves into what we can be and what we need to be, to insure a future.

Ms. Breitmore outlined three major priorities for her chairmanship of the volunteer-based USA Exquisite Corpse: engage citizens directly in celebrating the universal spirit of collective expression; individual empowerment through dynamic interaction between the viewer and the artwork; the use of technology to illuminate the cultural process through which icon and illusion become the substance of truth.

Ms. Breitmore, who has long explored issues of identity and alienation in her personal and cultural investigation, stated that as Chairwoman of the USA Exquisite Corpse, she would continue to support the construction of "multiple identities that can continually change their manifestations and adapt to new conditions."

Randall M. Packer, Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology and Chairman of the National Committee of the Experimental Party, provided the following remarks: "Ms. Breitmore is exactly what the Experimental Party needs right now. She is our response to the reality of a post-apocalyptic 21st century, in which we must fuel the momentum against anachronistic tendencies, the corporatization of media, and the threat of homeland insecurity resulting from corrupt politicians and greedy CEO's. Roberta Breitmore stands for greater integrity, concern for the resonant nuances of alienation, mystical insight gained through personal experience, and the free expression of the individual to reveal the basic truth of character with which to analyze culture - those values that are essential to our survival in these times of extraordinary crisis."

For additional information, visit:  http://experimentalparty.org/USAcorpse/ or contact Roberta Breitmore: roberta@experimentalparty.org


Roberta Breitmore
National Chairwoman of the USA Exquisite Corpse

Roberta Breitmore was recently appointed to serve as National Chairwoman of the USA Exquisite Corpse of the Experimental Party. Ms. Breitmore's evolution from temporal victim to eternal victor to political crusader was intended as an ascetic conversion that transcended cultural values in an increasingly technological society. She hopes to engage the public in the challenging issues that face us today.

The Experimental Party

The Experimental Party is a new artist-based political party, heralding a new era for the nation - the "party of virtualization" - to be built on the inherent strength of the artists' message. The US Department of Art & Technology has formed the Experimental Party in order to activate citizens across the country in its effort to bring the artists' message to center stage of the political process. 'Representation Through Virtualization' is the major political thrust of the Experimental Party, it is the driving force.

The USA Exquisite Corpse

The USA Exquisite Corpse will promote a culture intended to free words and images from the constraints of rational and discursive order. It will work with key service agencies in government and the non-profit sector to provide incentives and new opportunities to develop techniques of surprise and methodologies of the fantastic. The USA Exquisite Corpse will draw on help from Americans of all ages and of every background, it is an integrated citizen service initiative - and the US Department of Art & Technology believes it can and will do great good.

The US Department of Art & Technology

The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States principal conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real action. It also serves the psychological and spiritual well-being of all Americans by supporting cultural efforts that provide immunity from the extension of new media technologies into the social sphere.

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