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For Immediate Release: August 24, 2004


WASHINGTON, DC - Secretary Randall M. Packer will address the citizens of New York City, calling on them to carry out "10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation" during the 2004 Republican National Convention. The speech will take place on Thursday, August 26, 5:00 pm, at the Freedom of Expression National Monument, Foley Square, at the intersection of Centre & Pearl St. in New York City. Secretary Packer will be introduced by Andrew Nagy, Commanding General of the USA Exquisite Corpse, the US Department of Art & Technology's "Artist Call to Service."

At the invitation of Creative Time and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Secretary Packer will speak to New York City through the Freedom of Expression National Monument, an enormous red megaphone, to voice the thoughts, grievances, and hopes of a nation under siege of the Republicans. The Secretary hopes to inspire the nation into action to confront the loss of free speech, power and powerlessness, and a multiplicity of social and cultural concerns in these post-apocalyptic times.

The Secretary will announce the US Department of Art & Technology's Experimental Party DisInformation Center, a state-of-the-art media installation that subverts Republican propaganda, currently on view at LUXE gallery in NYC. Additionally, he will reveal numerous acts of artistic mediation already in various stages of planning: from Johnny America's march down Lexington Avenue in colonial garb declaring "The Republicans are Coming;" to the Revelers who will mount the Staten Island Ferry and stage a heroic "Crossing of New York Harbor" to liberate Manhattan from the Bush Loyalists; to the Missile Dick Chicks, a posse of pissed-off housewives from Crawford, Texas charged with opposing consumerism by singing songs like "Shop! In the Name of War."

The Secretary added, "Like other totalitarian movements, the Republicans seek to impose a grim vision in which dissent is crushed, and every man and woman must think and live in colorless conformity. We offer to the oppressed peoples of our nation and around the world, the great alternative of human liberty through freedom of artistic expression. Our country must never allow the Republicans to preach religious extremism with 9-11, to use New York City and Ground Zero as the pulpit for its ideologies."

As Reverend Billy poetically declared, "we have to match that theater, to supplant it, and the RNC is going to be our 9th Symphony."

About the US Department of Art & Technology

The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States principal conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real action. It also serves the psychological and spiritual well-being of all Americans by supporting cultural efforts that provide immunity from the extension of new media technologies into the social sphere.

The Experimental Party DisInformation Center

From August 21 to September 4, the US Department of Art & Technology presents the Experimental Party DisInformation Center, "anarchic entertainment for the nation," at the LUXE gallery, 24 W. 57th St. in New York City. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am - 6pm. The installation closes on Saturday, September 4, 6 - 8 PM, with the Post-Mortem Lounge.


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