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For Immediate Release: October 7, 2003


Washington, DC - The long awaited debut of the Media Deconstruction Kit, created and performed by Secretary Randall M. Packer and Wesley Smith, will be presented by the US Department of Art & Technology and the Digital Media Center of Johns Hopkins University, Saturday, October 25th, 9:00 pm at the Mattin Arts Center on the JHU campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK) enables artists to appropriate with magisterial fearlessness, transforming CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News into magical images to bring about the systematic reordering of the senses through the deconstruction of broadcast media. The Media Deconstruction Kit reconfigures, disorients, and amplifies the mis-information of broadcast media into an immersive, sensorial, multimedia experience.

According to Secretary Packer, "We will confront corporate control of mass media, so that a new century is spared new horrors of CNN - the issue Americans should care most about."

Through widespread media deconstruction across the nation, US DAT encourages the remix of live news stories, TV sitcoms, stock market quotations, manifestos, and advertising - to scramble fabricated propaganda in with actual live news broadcasts. The Department, along with its Experimental Party, intends to use these techniques to swamp the mass media with total illusion in 2004 as the election season heats up.

Media Deconstruction Kit (Debut)

- Created & performed by Randall Packer & Wesley Smith - Saturday, October 25, 9:00 pm
- Digital Media Center at Johns Hopkins University, Mattin Arts Center, Baltimore
- The Mattin Arts Center is located at the East end of campus at the intersection of Charles and 33rd streets in Baltimore
- Broadcast live over TEL-SPAN (http://www.usdat.us/tel-span)
- Admission free, for more information call 410.516.3817 \

For more information on the Media Deconstruction Kit:


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The Experimental Party
The Experimental Party - the "party of experimentation" - is an artist-based political party that has been formed to activate citizens across the country in an effort to bring the artists' message to center stage of the political process. This is a political awakening, 'representation through virtualization' is the major political thrust of the Experimental Party, it is the driving force.

The Digital Media Center
The Digital Media Center is an environment where students can express themselves creatively and expand the sphere of possibilities that are created when art and technology merge.



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