Situational Tour
White House

April 27, 2005

Onward... the White House
01:37 PM
Begin at the Corcoran Gallery of Art
01:43 PM
Pantheon of High Art
01:45 PM
Across the street... 1st Checkpoint
01:47 PM
2nd Checkpoint
01:49 PM
3rd + 4th Checkpoints... very secure
01:50 PM
Multiple barriers...
01:53 PM
01:58 PM
Line to get into White House
02:03 PM
Rooftop cameras from atop the White House
02:11 PM
Secret Service lurk within the Shadows
02:13 PM
We're inside...
02:43 PM
Closeup of the Oval Office and residence
02:43 PM
A Military Official surveys the landscape
02:44 PM
Marines strike a thoughtful pose
02:45 PM
Secret Service keep a watchful eye
02:50 PM
Ever present eye
02:51 PM
A trained eye
02:52 PM
Cameras watch the paths of the gardens
02:55 PM
Cameras everywhere
02:56 PM
Roaming the corridors of the Residence
02:58 PM
Always listening...
03:13 PM
Exiting the White House
03:14 PM
Treasury - where they keep our money
03:17 PM
Across the street from the White House
03:21 PM
03:27 PM
Who is in prison?
03:29 PM
The nation is ruled from behind bars
03:31 PM
Leaving victims behind
03:32 PM
Fighting for the truth
03:33 PM
Against the Authority
03:34 PM
The President lurks from behind the tourists
03:35 PM
That only protects the privileged
03:37 PM
And those who fall in line
03:42 PM
Dark days lie ahead
03:43 PM
Storms on the horizon
03:43 PM
Media lurking... Watching...
03:46 PM
What can they tell us that we don't know
03:47 PM
They are just making it up anyway
03:49 PM
Or are they being told what to say
03:52 PM
By the ones who are really in power
03:54 PM
The ones who work inside the drab grey buildings
03:56 PM
Secretly... Quietly...
03:57 PM
03:58 PM
We depart those gloomy skies
04:00 PM
Above the White House... and America
04:01 PM