Situational Tour
Portrait of Lebanon

May 25, 2005

An Artistic Mediation & Collective
Portrait of National Unity in Lebanon

Preparing for the Journey
07:58 AM
Through Security
04:22 PM
Ready for Takeoff
05:12 PM
Charging up in Paris
08:47 AM
Leaving for Beirut
09:45 AM
Road Trip into the Situational Landscape of Lebanon
10:01 AM
Recently bombed church north of Beirut
10:04 AM
A great scar in this media broadcasting station
10:38 AM
New hope surges from caffeine
10:40 AM
Sacred blood of creation
10:41 AM
Onward into the Muslim North
11:03 AM
Tripoli, first stop, pastries
11:34 AM
The reality of globalization...
11:36 AM
Tripoli market place... heart breaking
11:46 AM
Devastating poverty
11:47 AM
River runs through like a deep wound
11:50 AM
We bring the media into the environment
12:08 PM
Engaging the residents
12:09 PM
The kids still have hope
12:31 PM
But the working people despair
12:48 PM
The politicians give false expectations
12:53 PM
As we penetrate deeper with our eyes
01:15 PM
Observing the city's broken spirit
01:17 PM
But the politics doesn't take away their soul
01:18 PM
We look deeper to find the life
01:20 PM
Searching through the crowded streets
01:21 PM
Proud people who don't give up
01:23 PM
Technology thriving
01:24 PM
Men enjoying an afternoon coffee
01:29 PM
A local presents a magical space
01:30 PM
Eyes that reflect the mystery of the baths
01:31 PM
We give him the camera's eyes
01:33 PM
To tell us about his dreams
01:34 PM
Now we must leave Tripoli
02:06 PM
Beirut... memories of the War
03:37 PM
New horrors... Hariri's death
04:08 PM
Beloved by his country
04:10 PM
His body utterly shattered
04:12 PM
Grief and confusion
04:13 PM
Violence of foreign intervention
04:44 PM
Yet hope reigns supreme!
04:46 PM
Despite the cycle of war
04:47 PM
The next generation will lead Lebanon
05:08 PM
Hariri's final footsteps will not be in vain
05:09 PM
The nation rises up
05:50 PM
Building on his death
05:51 PM
Celebration at Martyr Square
05:52 PM
The human spirit never dies
05:52 PM
It passes on to the next generation
06:03 PM
The Power of One Vote
09:25 AM