Situational Tour
51st Venice Biennale

June 10 - 16, 2005

Reclaiming the US Pavilion: Freedom is advancing from Washington, DC to the Piazza San Marco!

The Approach to Venice
03:31 PM
Searching for the Biennale
04:02 PM
Is it the Mona Lisa?
04:04 PM
City of the Imagination
04:06 PM
And Decay...
04:08 PM
We consult with a local guide
05:24 PM
And take to the streets
07:14 PM
In search of the elusive Venice Biennale
07:16 PM
Does it really exist?
07:18 PM
Or is it already virtual?
07:25 PM
Perhaps I can dial it up?
07:27 PM
Could this be it?
09:05 PM
Yes, the Pavilion from Mars
10:35 PM
A new Nation of Aliens!
10:45 PM
Mystical Beings who have transcended Art
10:46 PM
Transforming the space
10:47 PM
I penetrate deeper into the darkness
11:05 PM
City of shadows and light
11:14 PM
And translucency
11:18 PM
Still deeper in search of the Biennale
11:35 PM
The search continues for the Biennale Lost
02:29 PM
WPS1 barge has sunk in the Grand Canal
02:30 PM
Harush Schlomo is still afloat
02:31 PM
Perhaps the Biennale has died?
02:45 PM
When Santa must beg for love
02:47 PM
With the Biennale gated
03:30 PM
We question the local intelligentsia
03:49 PM
Mona is amused as we turn back
05:15 PM
We wander the Piazza San Marco
10:35 PM
Deeper into the shadows
10:37 PM
Dispirited, discouraged, dissolving... Biennale?
11:49 PM
Moment of desperation: Office of the Ticket
12:31 PM
Only to find the Biennale is a hall of mirrors?
01:31 PM
A casino for the rich?
01:43 PM
We penetrate deeper, immersed
01:51 PM
To begin the Reclamation of the US Pavilion
02:08 PM
Only to witness the Mars Attack
02:15 PM
They block the entrance
02:16 PM
They invade the work of Ed Ruscha
02:18 PM
They critique his depiction of urban deterioration
02:19 PM
US DAT has inserted itself into the Biennale
02:48 PM
The process of virtualization
03:15 AM
Penetrating the mediational space
03:54 AM
Into the blueness
04:08 AM
Plunging deeper
04:40 AM
Sensing self
04:41 AM
Bound inside
05:28 AM
Ingestion, transformation
05:44 AM
Something's rotten
02:13 PM
Seething sediments of frenetic mental activity
02:27 PM
Matter and mind are at odds
03:49 PM
Reason breeds mania
04:04 PM
We've entered the realm...
04:38 PM
Omnipotent fantasy
06:03 PM
Empire Runs Its Course
06:42 PM